Water Solutions Sydney

Burst Pipes

Imagine coming home to find everything underwater? Well if an aquarium is not your style then call The Plumbing Team, cause it sounds like you have a burst pipe!We will come out and replace the section of pipe that is damaged, so the water stays where it should.

Water Filtration

Buying Bottled water to drink???? Why not install a new under sink water filtration system to your existing sink?? Have purified water whenever you need it.

Why not install a hot and cold filtration system, just think….. never wait for a kettle to boil again!

Water Leak Detection and Repair

Have you tried our water leak test (See Water Saving), and you know that you have a water leak….But where??The Plumbing Team can locate the position of the leak and repair it.

No more wasting water

Water Hammer

Are your pipes playing a not so lovely drum beat when they are turned on, do you need to fiddle with the water pressure to make it stop.Welcome to Water Hammer.

There may be a few causes of water hammer so give us a call and we will sort it out for you.

Upgrades and New homes

The Plumbing Team can also organise pipe upgrades. Replacing old galvanised pipes with new copper ones.New Homes….. No water meter. No problem, just give us a call.