Toilet Plumber Sydney

Taps just like most things will wear out and require a service from time to time. If your tap is dripping it is most likely a washer service you need, however if water is leaking around the base of the tap, then the problem is most likely an O-ring.

There is no set life span of a tap washer, as it depends on how heavy handed the users have been. A tap should be turned off softly until it just stops running. If the tap is tighten tightly each time, this results in the washer being squashed and seriously decreases the life span.

A dripping tap can waste more than 2,000 litres of water a month. That's 24,000 litres a year!

A Tap Washer service includes new washers for both hot and cold taps, greasing and reseating and changing of O-rings.

Beware of Shower Taps leaking from the O-rings, if left dripping the water can run back along the length of the tap into the wall cavity, causing water damage in the walls.


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There are many components of a toilet, which can break down, but still be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the toilet.

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