Stormwater issues come up unexpectedly at the most inconvenient time…… When its pouring with rain! The nice weather not only promotes your lovely garden to grow, but so do the root systems that may have found a way into your drain lines via the smallest crack. Over time these root systems continue to grow until they completely fill all possible space and cause a mass blockage.

Any plumber with a waterjet can clear that blockage, and charge you for the job, but where is that plumber in 6-9 months when the roots have regrown in the same space causing another blockage and the same issues along with it! By looking at your drains through a CCTV camera we can pinpoint the location of these blockages and replace the area which will prevent all future blockages from those roots!! It may cost a little more to get it done right and replace the problem area, or we could just clear with a warning that it WILL reoccur but no one knows when! Wouldn't you prefer to have the choice of which suits you!

But it doesn't stop there. The Plumbing Team offers a wide range of Domestic and Commercial plumbing solutions for stormwater and surface water problems including the repair or replacement of blocked downpipes, gutter replacements, underground stormwater pipe upgrades, and surface drain installations or stormwater pits. The Plumbing Team have the knowledge and experience to solve these issues.

Do you have issues of flooding when its raining heavy?? Why not talk to us about installing channel drains and pits in driveways and car parks to collect this surface and redirect it elsewhere. The water could even be collected for your own use! Tell The Plumbing Team what your issue is and we can offer the best solution for your needs.


The sewerage system within your house collects household discharge and sends it to the sewer main at the street.

The sewer line is one that you hope never blocks as it can be very disruptive and depending on what your issue is, it may be not so fragrant!

The Plumbing Team can help you at those times when you need us most, however maintenance on your drain lines is very important.

Around 90% of drain line blockages are caused by root penetration into the pipework, where they continue to grow until they completely fill the space causing a mass blockage.

As with the stormwater, we can come along with the waterjet each time it blocks up, but beware that drains left unattended for too long, tree root intrusions become too established and the drain can become so impacted that it can become impossible to clear regardless of what drain cleaning techniques are used. Then you are left with the only option of replacing that section of pipe.

However if you are aware that your drains do have intruding roots, then call us and we can organise a time that suits you to give your drains a clear before they cause bigger hassles.

This can save you money as you can avoid after hours emergency calls, disruption to business or family routines, damage to valuable property and costly repair.

For Specialised Drain Clearing…….