Blocked Drains – Clearing Blocked Drains

Drainage issues under homes can be complex, as there could be many hundred meters of pipework connecting your toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, downpipes etc to the stormwater main.

I would be skeptical about a plumber offering drain clearing for under $100 as this may be a quick repair but the issue will return. At The Plumbing Team we work on an hourly rate for drain issues. This way you are charged for the time it takes us, and will never be overcharged. Our track record proves that we usually would clear a blocked drain 99% of the time within the first hour.

For Specialised Drain Clearing…….

  • Be assured your Blocked Drain will be flowing today as a priority!
  • Over the phone you will be quoted an hourly rate, (don't forget to mention "the special Website deal")
  • Your Drain Specialist will arrive with everything necessary to complete the job; A high pressure water jet, a drain camera, location device and a crammed truck with everything else we could possibly need.
  • Your Drain Specialist will also have a good look at your issue and before starting any work will give you a written quote for what he is about to do.
  • The most common blockages can be remedied immediately, however if for example roots are your problem, the drain can be cleared immediately but the blockage will return as the roots grow back. In this instance we would locate the problem area and offer a quote to dig up and replace that section of pipe. Alleviating all risk that the blockage will return.
  • No work will be done without your approval to go ahead, so you are always in control.
  • Take advantage of our special deal and get your drain specialist to talk you through your drain!!